The art of art management

What is needed today to effectively manage an art gallery? To always keep pace with, stay in touch and never lose sight of?

Gallerist 24/7

Professional digital assistant «Gallerist24/7» grants you an opportunity to effectively manage surrounding flows of information without wasting precious time!


Structured storage of all important information about the authors and their artworks with fast convenient search


Easy cataloging of artworks with detailed information and the possibility of attaching files of any size and format.


All the important contacts, interaction with them and messaging are within your reach


An opportunity to easily return to the past: preservation of all relevant information, even after the artwork left the gallery


Quickly manage gallery’s website, post and edit information is now possible directly from the system


All the data is securely encrypted and stored on safe servers with strictly limited access

Always at hand

Anytime and anywhere, now your gallery will always be with you, with all necessary information synchronized and available on a computer screen, laptop or tablet, wherever you are.

Easy to demonstrate

Visiting an exhibition, participating in art fair or meeting new people – from now on every working moment of your life will be much more efficient, because everything you might need is right at your fingertips!

In touch with contacts

The art world - is a big address book. Remembering all your contacts, fixing agreement, taking notes, notifying customers and dealers about new arrivals and many other useful features will make your work even easier.

Reliable and secure

The encrypted information is stored on secure servers with strictly limited access, and transmitted only via secure connection. The backup is saving instantly, with each new action.

Personal settings

From the very beginning, Gallerist 24/7 takes in consideration specific needs of your gallery and adapts accordingly for the most comfortable use in order to satisfy them. Separation of access rights for users, simultaneous conversion into value of world currencies, personalized templates for e-mails, labels and certificates in the corporate style of your gallery, statistics and analytics, as well as many other features available to users now.


How do I get started with Gallerist 24/7?

You must be the owner or authorized representative of an art gallery to use Gallerist 24/7. Please, fill out a short application form at the bottom of this page, and we will immediately contact you.

Can I save files to Gallerist 24/7?

Yes, you can upload files of any format and size, and even categorize them by referring to specific works, authors or contacts.

Is it safe to use Gallerist 24/7?

All files are stored on a separate, fully controlled and reliable secure server, access to which is strictly limited and excludes any third-party intervention. Real-time backup takes place every change, even in the case of force majeure, all files will be safe and secure.

How many users can work with Gallerist 24/7 simultaneously?

Any number of users you need for simultaneous operation can be created. If necessary, it is possible to differentiate their access rights, regardless of the selected conditions of service. The data made or modified by different users will be automatically synchronized in real time.

Can I use Gallerist 24/7 for several galleries?

Yes, depending on the edition and service conditions, Gallerist 24/7 can work in several galleries synchronizing information in real time.

Can Gallerist 24/7 control and manage my gallery’s web site?

Yes, even if your site has been launched for a long time and managed not very convenient way, we will establish control directly from Gallerist 24/7: you can quickly make changes to all sections of the site, add and edit your artworks, and adjust all the necessary add-ons for comfortable work in accordance with your wishes.

If we work with different currencies?

Gallerist 24/7 working with US dollars, euros, British pounds, Swiss francs and, if necessary, any other currency. Courses are updated and adjusted in real time. The cost of each artwork calculated automatically in several selected currencies. "Quick Calculator" - which converts the required amount in any other currency at the current exchange rate - also available in every edition.

How much space will be available for data storage?

We can provide any required amount of storage space, with no restrictions. You can enlarge it at anytime, simply sending us a request. Also indicator of used and free space is always available, and the system promptly informs about the degree of filling and the remaining space.

If I need to share information about the artwork?

It is very easy: just select the artwork, and click "Send" - a letter will be automatically sent to the recipient's mailbox, and you do not even have to open the mail program. You can select as many artworks as you need, even by different authors, and send it with just one click to any e-mail. And if the recipient is already in your contacts, Gallerist 24/7 will prompt you to simply select the name.

Can I work with information using two languages?

Yes, you can select primary and secondary languages, and store information about artworks in two editions. Moreover, it is possible to print the certificates, contracts and invoices in secondary language, too.

I have a lot of stored files in different formats, whether the system can work with them?

Yes, you can upload and store files of any format, so that they will always be there. In addition to the text information and images you enter in the system, scanned pages, documents, expertise and opinions, photos, and other files also can be added.

How can I track artwork’s location , if it is given to someone for a while?

You can choose not only the current location of the work (in the gallery, framing, restoration, exhibition, dealer, or any other you might need), but also leave comments (for how long, the terms, who is responsible person, etc.)

What about creation of documents?

When you add a new artwork, or reevaluate one, sale it, or temporary give one to a third party, and in any other cases, the system can automatically create all the necessary documents and attach it to the profile of the artwork and involved contact.

Can I keep all artworks archived, even the sold ones?

Yes, and even if the artwork has already left the gallery, all the information that may be useful in the future, including files, images, provenance, expertise, comments and even information about the design, alongside with the terms of sale will remain in the archive.

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